In 1827 a traveling Irish peddler by the name of Patrick O'Meara camped on the bank of a creek and while searching for firewood stumbled over an outcropping of lead. A new mining camp, first known as Peddler's Creek and later Linden came into existence on the area of this chance discovery.

Skilled miners from Cornwall and Yorkshire, England immigrated to Linden starting in the 1830's. Some became farmers, others went into business for themselves and together they created a close-knit community.

Some of Linden's miners left here for mining opportunities in Upper Michigan; Butte, Montana; Colorado; Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, California and other locales. The last mine in Linden closed in 1975.

Early on, Linden provided both worship and school opportunities. There was a Primitive Methodist Church and a Methodist Episcopal Church in Linden. Today, the Linden United Methodist Church, located on Main Street serves the area in a beautiful rock structure constructed in 1851.

An early history of Linden states that a log structure was built in 1837 near the Peddler's Creek cemetery as both a school and Methodist Church. As the village of Peddler's Creek grew in population new dwellings were built to the West. In 1840 a new rock church and school was built and historical speculation places it near the top of the hill where the final school was located.

In 1959 Linden High School joined with other area villages to form the Iowa-Grant district. The grade school continued until 1982 when a central building was constructed near Livingston adjacent to the high school.

Agriculture has always been an important part of the Linden area and remains so to this day. Dairy, beef, hogs, grain and other crops are part of the farm scene today.

Music and sports were both very important to the people of Linden in the 19TH and 20TH centuries. Linden had several bands, and church choirs. The village had successful baseball teams over the years and the Linden High school had quite a few winning seasons in both baseball and basketball.

The village of Linden had several fraternal organizations including the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) and the Masonic Lodge. The IOOF disbanded locally but the Masons are still active.

The Linden area has a strong record of military service and an American Legion post is active today.